Free to Fit Solar Program
Rising fuel and energy costs are a significant contributor to business expenses.  By purchasing your energy from the energy company, no matter if the cost is reviewed regularly, you could be losing out.  Free solar PV is a sustainable and viable alternative and can reduce your carbon footprint as well as saving costs.
The free to fit program from Green Eco Commercial Services in conjuction with Green Eco Investments is unique in that we do not rely on the government subsidies for reimbursement. 
​In addition to this, we have also eliminated the lease element of other free to fit programs, replacing it with a renting structure.  This means that as a customer, you are simply renting the system from us at a pre-agreed charge.

By utilising some of the best technologies, forward thinking funders and a streamlined business model, our Free to Fit program is a unique and fresh scheme availble to businesses of all kinds with minimal restrictions on size and orientation of your roof.  With ground mounted systems available, and energy purchases prices of between 6 and 9 pence per kWh, now is the time to get involved with free solar and reduce your outgoings by up to 50%.
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